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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a murder at the napa state hospital leaves behind a lot of questions about safety. we have a live report for you straight ahead. a three to four car crash in the livermore area. we'll tell you it will be effecting traffic. a lot of clouds. windy for all. rain in the south bay. will things change today? also excitement over the giants. just how much dough are die- hard fans willing to pay to see the world series? good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's monday october 25th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. sal is out. tara is here. good morning. >> good morning. i'm trying to finish up my math
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here to give you a look at this injury accident we have. we'll bring it up in a moment. first this is rack a look at 101 through san francisco. seems to be a little time delay. here we have a look at 280 in san jose. traffic is also flowing well at this hour. here is steve. thank you. we had mostly cloudy skies. areas of fog. that will be a bigger story tomorrow. clouds are about out of here. highs will be mid 60s for some. the rain has pushed off until later in the week. let's get to the news with dave and pam. a few hundred customers are still without power. the last remaining from yesterday's storm. pg&e blames the outage on storm related equipment failures. one point yesterday 15,000 customers lost power with 3800 of those still without the lights for much of the night.
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the outage effected the police and fire department. they will be looking into why the back up generators did not work. downtown the generator kicked in but a glitch happened. police worked in their head quarters through candle light. we have two generators. one malfunctioned and shut both down. we have a few emergency lights and that's it. >> the power was restored to the fire station at 4:00 and to the police station by 9:00. officials say there were no reported technical difficults with the 911 emergency system while that power was out. time now 6:03 the mentally ill patient at napa state hospital is under arrest suspected of killing a hospital employee. ktvu jade hernandez is at the hospital now with latest details of what happened. good morning jade. >> good morning. what goes on inside the napa
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state hospital may soon come under scrutiny. we're live in napa this morning. napa state hospital authorities found an employees body on the ground. the woman was robbed and killed. the sheriffs office arrested a patient 37-year-old jeff will lard mass city. he entered the hospital 17 years ago according to a chronicle article he faced charges for robbery, assaulted and attempted murder. he's being held without bail. we're told his picture is 23409 being made available to the media. we also contacted a sheriffs office and napa state authority. hospitals are not expect to be available for comment. we'll let you know when the sheriffs department contacts us back. they detail the victim as 54- year-old donna gross. an autopsy is supposed to be conducted later this week. the coroners office is not open
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for a couple more hours. gross' death is still under investigation. reporting live in napa. hayward firefighters are investigating the investigation of a fire. this started early yesterday morning in an apartment on delmar avenue near the cal state east bay campus. a 16-year-old girl was seriously hurt in this fire. she was rushed to the hospital for burns and smoke inhilllation. her father and eight-year-old sister were also take ton the hospital. investigators are checking electrical wires as a possible starlet of that fire. the san francisco giants will be working at at & t park getting ready for the 2010 world series. yesterday the national league champs returned home to a heros welcome. look at that. hundreds of fans gathered on
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that stormy day to celebrate the stunning victory. the giants are already looking ahead to wednesday when they host the american league champion texas rangers. >> everybody is feeling good. we're just excited to get back and get started with the rangers. >> the giants will be back at at & t park. giants fans still hoping to get a ticket for the world series game in san francisco they may be in luck this morning. kraig debro just spoke to a couple of eager fans on the mission to get tickets this morning. he sat at & t park with the details. they are happy; right? >> reporter: yeah. they are right now any way. got good news and bad news for everybody out there. if you wanted to be the first in line at at & t park for getting world series tickets, two guys beat you to it. the good news if you don't want to pay the high ticket broker
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prices you can still buy tickets online at face value. >> yeah. >> reporter: you hear the echo in the background. they are lonely. both of the bay area. they came down here at 5:15 this morning to buy tickets to the giants game. game one of the world series or any game that is on sale. they came down here because they thought there might be tickets on sale at the box office for those that didn't have the internet. they have been town here early since 5:15. >> we heard there might possiblely be some tickets released to the general public. since grandmothers don't have the internet and stuff like that. we didn't catch we could apply on the internet for tickets. we're going to try to do it the old fashion way. >> i said if the giants win on the road in atlanta and philly, they can win the series. i'm pretty confident we can
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beat texas and go all the way and be a part of that would be amazing. >> reporter: check this out. this is 15 minutes ago we went to the giants website and this is what we found. there are tickets available. the lowest price seems to be $210 for an outfield club level. you can buy up to four. we went up there and we could have bought them if we wanted to. if you go on there right now, there is a strong possibility you might be able to get some seats. you go to the ticket brokers of course have them. stub hub, vivid tickets, great tickets they are all selling them. stub hub ranges from $442 to $5,000. if you're not able to get a ticket there, what you might try to do is go to a website that sales -- a ticket broker outside the area. a mid range level the prices i saw are about $1200 to $1900. not as low as $442 but not as
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high as $5,000. you might try a ticket broke their is based out of another city. they have them as well. coming up you'll hear more from the two men down here. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right you got everybody excited now. you can watch the entire world series right here with us on ktvu channel 2. game one wednesday evening at at & t park. our broadcast begins at 4:30 in the afternoon. construction is going to begin any moment now on the landmark suspension tower on the new eastern span of the bridge. crews will begin their work on putting the massive sections of the south anchored tower into place. there it is right there. caltran is warning drivers on the bay bridge don't be distracted by the spectacle of this construction site which was delayed while a very essential piece of equipment
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was repaired. the $6 billion project is still on schedule to be finished in 2013. 6:09 is the time. tara is in for sal. very busy. now there is a an accident in livermore. >> te. we have a six car crash. all of the lanes were blocked but they have been clear. this is the area right here 580 westbound. you can see a little bit of slow down there with yellow. everything can be picking up again now that the scene has been cleared. highway 24 through lafayette traffic on the left hand side is westbound. we do have lights out at the cal cot -- caldecott tunnel. we are assuming because it was the storm from yesterday. there are warning signs letting you know about that. it is eerie as you make your way through the tunnel this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights should be going
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on. 6:10 here is steve. it's very startling to be honest with you when you come to that caldecott. if you're coming in the east bay it's dark. good morning for some. san jose no rain hardly at all. a trace to .03. santa cruz mountains had a lot. about a half inch to three quarters between. depends on where you were. we will see better improvement today. usually somebody in the santa cruz mountains and river. that's the case here. kentfield a lot of rain. santa rosa numerous reports between three and four. our observer kent. lake port lake county almost 2.5. napa two and a third.
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fort brag had over four and bolder creek had over four. san francisco had just over three quarters. napa yesterday 63. 66 today. san jose 68. kept it 68. 49 napa and synura fell. the cities 55. 32 up in tahoe. there is off and on light snow. flurries. and some fog being reported. 49 eureka which had record rainfall. there was some really heavy totals up towardmen see toe county. sacramento 55. 60s down in southern california. one system moves out we're almost done with it expect the clouds. fog will be the bigger story. it will be dry wednesday into thursday. this looks to be a colder
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system. today clouds and sun. cool to mild. could be a knot west breeze there. temperatures similar to yesterday. it's not game one we're worried about. it's game two. deal with that later. cloudy to mostly cloudy. fog will be popping up tuesday and again on wednesday. a little warmer during the day. rain on thursday and showers on friday. >> thank you. 6:12 is the time right now. companies that received big government bailouts are writing donation checks. also a trial date set for the uc berkeley graduates arrested. why one will not be part of the proceedings.
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welcome back to the morning news. first lady michelle obama will be in the bay area today for a democratic fundraiser in san francisco. it will be the fairmont hotel tonight. it will be for bar be boxer. the first lady visit to the bay area follows that of president obama. 6:16 it looks like the companies received big bailouts is some of the biggest political contributors this election cycle. you might be surprised at who is raking in the dough. alison burns is live. she has all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. the washington post is out with a new analysis and it ising eyebrows. it points out general motors now largely owned by taxpayers is part of a political action committee that donated almost $200,000 to political candidates last month. now one of the recipients was a fierce critic of the bailout mitch mcconnell. the post reports there are a number of bailout critics now getting big money from bailed out companies. and city group talks among them. house minority leader john boehner that received $200,000. reporting live from washington d.c. alison burns. the obama administration will announce strict new fuel emission standards for heavy duty vehicles. the goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption as much as 20%.
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it will cover new tractor trailers. school buses. delivery vans and heavy duty pick up trucks. time now 6:17. it is confirmed the november 6th trial date for the uc berkeley graduated accused of spying and illegally crossing the border into iran. now one of them sarah shourd is not expected to with the at trial. she was set free last month on $500,000. her fiance shane bauer and friend josh fattal are still in prison in iran. meantime iran is imposed new restrictions on 12 university courses deemed to be based on western teachings. therefore incompatible with islamic ideals. it includes, law, philosophy, psychology, political science, women's studies, and human
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rights. they prevent universities from opening new departments in these subjects. the iranian government will revise the content of current programs over the next couple of years. officials in haiti are fighting to stop a deadly cholera outbreak. 250 people in rural areas have been killed and more than 3,000 have become sick. aid workers are scared it will spread to port-au prince. five cases have already been confirmed in port-au prince. a lot happening in traffic. tara is back. i was going through that caldecott tunnel with the lights out. it was wild. >> everybody has been talking about it this morning. a lot of people obviously from work use that route to get here. and they said it was just very, very odd. so definitely get yourself -- just giving you a heads up if you come through the caldecott tunnel. this is a look at highway 24 lafayette.
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traffic on the right hand side is westbound. as you approach the tunnel. there are warning signs out there letting you know it's very dark in the tunnel. the lights are out. we think this is due to the storm that is happening. crews are on top of it. be aware of that until the sun comes up this morning. next step we have a look at our six car crash that happened in the livermore area. this is 580 westbound. the accident scene has been cleared. finally at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up 10-15 minutes as you make your way through san francisco. we do get a break today. we do have a lot of clouds over us today. mostly cloudy. fog is popping up. lows in the 40s and 50s. weekend where some had nothing but rain and others had clouds and wind. but the rain was heaviest toward the north. you can see toward the left of your screen is the ridge
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building. clouds and then sun cool to mild. a lot of 60s coast bay and inland. 45 mount tam. 50 in santa rosa. st. carlos 54. vallejo at 55. you can see the ridge building in. until then clouds and sun. fog will with the big story over the next -- fog will be the big story over the next couple of days. low to mid 60s. we're not worried about game one. we'll see increasing clouds. game one looks fine with mild conditions. fog nights and mornings tuesday into wednesday and increasing winds. bp is selling more assets to help pay for the cleanup in the gulf of mexico. this morning there are reports that bp plans to sell up to $30
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billion in noncore assets. that includes a deal announced overnight. a japanese company will pay $650 million for four of bp deep water oil spills in the gulf of mexico. the matcher fields were bought from another firm just last march. just in time for hal lean fear is taking hold at the box office. took in more than $42 million. half of that money came in on friday with crowds dropping off on saturday and sunday. jack -- 3d dropped to second. a california college student killed in a frightening shark attack. what is being done now to keep surfers on the coast safe. part of the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion is now on hold. what two workers say they can knot talk about and how it's
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affecting the case.
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here is a look at your bay area bridges this morning. we have quite a bit of backup at the bay bridge toll plazas. the metering lights have just gone on.
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traffic is flowing well on the right hand side there as you make your way toward foster city. 6:25 let's head back to the desk. the san francisco chronicle reports pg&e workers are not speaking to the paper. they say they are too traumatized to talk. they had critical roles in shutting off the gas. the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. three beaches on the central california coast may reopen this morning three days after a college student was killed in a shark attack. lucas ransom was boogy boarding with a friend. it happened at surf beach in santa bar pray county. a friend of his pulled ransom
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to shore. he did not survive the attack. he was a student at uc santa barbara. some of the surfers are stunned by his death. >> i think it's really sad because he was a student at ucsb. it hits a whole surfing community. it's pretty horrible. >> a photo from the santa barbara county sheriffs department. look at this 13-inch chunk missing from ransom's surf board. they say that shark was 13 feet long. all three beached a vandenberg air force base closed. authorities will announce if they will reopen them. crews have been patrolling the beaches and watching the water. so far no more shark appearances. it's a case of vanishing
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campaign signs. why police officers and firefighters say it is no mystery as accusations of dirty politics fly. right now things are slowing down on the bay bridge. but what is happening right now on the construction zone next to it could slow down things even more. we'll explain why caltran is warning drivers this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are just ringing that opening bell in new york this morning. that is credit core out of peru. looks like a pretty good day. very good night overnight in asia. and this morning in europe a couple of things contributing to that which we will talk about in a little bit. if you look at the lower part of your screen, you can see the dow jones up 27 points.
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we'll keep watching. >> we sure will. we'll say good morning to you. thank you for joining us. it is monday ct 25th i'm dave clark been >> i'm pam cook. things are happening this morning. a new phase started in the bay bridge eastern span. there are concerns that work could distract some of you drivers out there. claudine wong is there. she's live from treasure island. she has a birds eye view and has the details. good morning. >> reporter: yes work is under way here at the bay bridge and in the next hour or so and throughout the day the next couple ophidias we expect it to effect traffic. you're taking a look from treasure island at the bay bridge. traffic is already moving steadily this morning. there is a backup at the toll plaza. obviously anything that effects traffic is catching everyone's attention. if you take a look to the left where we are standing you can see the construction site that is all it will up. you see the big tower that is
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in place. that's kind of where we're focused this morning. that that is where things will get busy. drivers this morning will get a front row seat. i will show you video we shot an hour and a half ago. the barge we are looking at is critical. there are five sections to the self-anchored spans single 525- foot tall tower. the first of the sections went into place in july. the second set goes in this morning and over the next few days. that second set consists of four sections. the barge this morning took over the first of the sections. 107 feet tall. 617 pounds or 1.2 million pounds. it does take to lift bolts. >> these sections are being listed over 300 feet -- these sections are being lifted 300 feet in the air. and translated -- it means they move in position, lift them 300
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feet in the air. translates it to where it needs to be and set down. the team goes on the inside and bolts it together. we continue that process for all four leg sections. >> back live out here on treasure island. you can see the construction area is well it will. if you cross the bridge you will not see much more than that. the problem is over the next hour or so when they start tilting that section up it is going to be right at the eye level of drivers. curiosity can be dangerous if you're behind the wheel and driving across this bridge. it can cause back ups. caltran is askingdrivers to be aware this will be happening and keep your eyes on the road even though you want to take look at the activity going on. when will this start effecting traffic? they told us last week that it would be around 7:00 thousands morning. over the next half hour. a couple of hours or so we'll have to monitor things to see
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if drivers slow down. things look good now. we'll keep you updated. live here on treasure island. 6:33. richmond police are investigating a drive-by shooting where two teenage boys were wounded. the 13 and 14-year-olds were walking near south eighth street in florida avenue. one teenager was shot in the lower leg. the other was shot in the hand. they don't know a motive yet. they are talking to witnesses trying to get descriptions of the gunman. budget cutting in san jose could cost city employees their ride home. that's because a new city audit shows city employees are driving more miles commuting to and from work. the audit shows of the 166 city vehicles taken home, 144 of them were police cars. costing the city about $900,000. >> that's enough to pay for the
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average police officer which costs an average of $180,000 a year. that would be five more police officers. we have to make that choice. >> if our special operations officers needed to come to the police department first to pick up their vehicles you can see where the response time would be increase the in essence creating a bigger problem. >> the city audit identified 90 police vehicles that should not be taken home. other criticismed raised some of the police and fire vehicles taken home go as far away as medesto. a new report shows while san francisco schools struggle with a dwindling budget. the city school board has increased the budgets for the past four years. the chronicle reports the board spent more than $492,000 last year including $22,000 for catered meals and $7300 for conference in portland. the report concludes that it's not aa lot of money given the
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districts $500 million annual budget but it is in contrast to the ongoing cost cutting at the school. a highly contested ballot measure in san jose has lead to accusations between law officers and firefighters that city council men are stealing their campaign sign. this is video posted on you tube. it shows an encounter on saturday after city counselman pierluigi moving signs. he supports measure v which would limit police and firefighter pay. he says he removed the signs because they were illegally posted in public areas. >> every resident underth municipal code can take down these signs and should. >> council member was found in possession of only four signs yesterday. hundreds of signs have gone missing in the last few weeks.
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>> police and fire union officials are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to prosecution of people that steal or vanillas the no unmeasure v property. . >> police arrested a 23-year- old man following a high speed chase that ended with a crash. now policeman spotted a car that was speeding on marble street just after 10:00 last night. the officer chased the car. had the lights and sirens flashing but the driver kept going. the chase ebbed when the driver collided with another car and a light pole on stony point road. police say that driver suffered only minor injuries. tara is in for sal. she's talking about distracted driverring. not necessarily on a cell phone. >> no. there are quite a bit of distractions out there. she was mentioning that work on the bay bridge that is being done. also lights are out at the
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caldecott tunnel. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a fender bender. but there is quite a bit of backup and the metering lights are on. up next is 880 near the oakland coliseum. this is looking pretty good at this hour. no delays as you make your way toward the right hand side. finally 280 this is near san jose. traffic is looking pretty good in all directions. 6:38 here is steve. there was a lot of rain this weekend. especially toward the north. for others there wasn't that much. there were gusts of wind that were over 100 miles an hour above the 8,000-foot level. we had a gust of 126. it was a windy day for a few on sunday. and then the rain stacked up in the north bay. we're almost on the drier side of this. getting updates as we go along. fort brag had five inches of
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rain. kent field 4.26. lake port 2.5. bolder creek did have 2.25. that is the ridge building in. everything coming out of the northwest that is a drier condition. mostly cloudy. patchy fog. the rain is about over with. 50s and 60s. could be breezy as that northwest wind kicks in later on today. 60s for almost everybody today. clouds and then some sun. mid toynd to a few upper 60s. 49 napa. 51 livermore. 32 in tahoe. really the wind was the big story on the weekend there.
6:40 am
46 in ukiah. a lot of clouds but not much else. you see that is a little bit of a mountain of high pressure out there. there could be a few lingering showers clouds and sun. we're seeing this system move out. we'll get a break until thursday. that's when the next system rolls in here. that looks to be colder. clouds and sun cool to mild. 60s and more 60s. few upper 60s. no worries for game one. it's game two we'll deal with that later. looks partly to mostly cloudy. clouds and sun. fog nights and mornings tuesday and wednesday. showers for friday. the sounds,s rumbles of a volcano -- the sounds, the rumbles of a volcano. the race is on for world series tickets. we will tell you what you need
6:41 am
to do what you might want to consider doing to gets them. traffic on 101 starting to look little sluggish. so far so good. more traffic hot spots coming up.
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here a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. first lady michelle obama comes
6:44 am
here to the bay area today. she will be appearing at a democratic fundraiser tonight at the fair month hoe tole. that's for senator barbara boxer reelection campaign. fire departments will figure out how -- storm related outages left police head quarters and thousands of pg&e customers in the dark for awhile. no 911 services were effected. and later today the giants will work out in at & t park. they're getting ready for game one of the 2010 world series. yesterday right here they got a heros welcome as they came back home. giants fans still hoping to get a ticket for the world series game in san francisco. may be in luck this morning. kraig debro joins us now with tips. >> good morning. i was just off camera. there were screening i was checking the internet to see.
6:45 am
remember 40 minutes ago i showed you that we were able to buy tickets from the giants from their website club level outfield seats for $210 a piece. i checked it again can't get back on there. checked game two can't get on there. $210 was the price. the frenzy of the seats set off by this. >> ryan howard he went. 3-2 pitch. got him looking and the giants win the pennant. >> reporter: a called third strike on ryan howard. that curveball froze him up there. with the running run on first base that ended the phillys season to set the giants. the world series. it also sent these two guys to the ticket window. you're not going to deny your children their college tuition over this. >> no. no. it's kind of absurd how much
6:46 am
people ask for standing room. hopefully we can look out and get face value tickets and get the family here. >> we're hoping there is other san francisco januaries. the economy is tough. we have families and so forth. we are hoping to -- we are looking for donations for the giants family fund. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is what i'm talking about 40 minutes ago we went on the giants website and had an opportunity to buy four seats in the outfield club level for $210 a piece. that opportunity was gone at least for now. if you can't buy them on the giants website of course there their ticket brokers from which you can buy tickets. the sub hub has them for mid $400 range. i think it's $442 for standing room only. the giants website up to $5,000 for pretty good seats. near behind home plate. if you can't buy them for stub hub you can go to other
6:47 am
websites out there. vivid tickets. great tickets to name a couple of them and buy tickets from them as well. i've gone to some ticket brokers that are base in other cities like for instance i went to one that was based in chicago. i didn't find the 442s but i did find seats from $10 to $5,000 range. and of course they have the ticket brokers that don't have the offices they sell them around third street here. a lot of guys have been out here for a lot of time. it's not legal but i'm sure people will be exploring that option. >> thank you, craig. excited giants fans are sending us photos documenting san francisco's first world series appearance since 2002. take a look. karen sent us this picture. what a cutie. you are never too young to put on the orange and black and root for the giants. here's a shot at a furry four legged fan also wearing a
6:48 am
giants jersey. taking a break from playing a little ball himself. look at that. we love to see your fan photos. e-mail them to us. you can check out the orange and black slide show to find more giants coverage right on our website. this is also an evacuation happening now. thousands are fleeing before a volcano blows its top this one here it's spewing smoke and ash. it could blow up at any moment. last time it erupted was years ago. it's an avalanche gas and rock fragments racing down the side of the mountain. at that time two people were killed. 6:48 is the time tara in for sal has been very busy info from caltran. >> they are working on a couple of construction projects this week. now through thursday that we want to make your aware of. they are trying to improve the safety at mary avenue crossing
6:49 am
and castro street crossing. so do expect between 8:00 in the evening and 4:00 in the morning they are going to be crews out there also crews will be replacing cross ties and resurfacing the tracks between sunny vail and the santa clara station. be aware of that. we're going to head out where we had a six car crash at livermore. there is another fender bend ever that happened on top of that. up next we have a look at the bay bridge to plaza the metering lights have been on for some time now. there are delays. 15-20 minutes if you are heading into san francisco this morning. finally at the caldecott tunnel traffic on the right hand side there is the westbound commute. and we have a lights out at the caldecott tunnel we're not sure why. php will not say. there was a storm yesterday. we have a feeling it might be
6:50 am
related to that. it is very dark and glooming. there are warning signs to let you know about it. 6:49 here is steve. >> thank you. and for some it was just nonstop rain for the weekend. for others it was the wind was a big story. kentfield had 4.26. lake county there were numerous reports of 2.5. santa cruz itself had 2 2.25. record rainfall up in ukiah. reports from 3-8 inches of rain. all sorts of issues up there with flooding and all the way up there to crescent city. we're almost out of this. mostly cloudy in the morning. mostly sunny partly cloudy
6:51 am
later on in the afternoon. temperatures close to yesterday. there will be a little bit of sun. we'll wait until tomorrow for that. a lot of 60s today. 48 santa rosa. 50 pleasant hill. san carlos 54. 46 ukiah. patchy fog there. 32 in tahoe. the big news over the weekend was the wind. speaking of peak yows can see a peak of high pressure right there. going to come over us later today and take us to wednesday afternoon. 60s today for temperatures across the board. coast bay and inland we're not concerned about game one. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy it's game two. looks like rain is on the way. warmer tuesday and wednesday. showers cooler on friday. >> thank you. 6:51 is time right now.
6:52 am
business economics is set to release its quarters later this morning. economists have become more cautious in the third quarter. that's down from 67%. checking in on the numbers quite a nice day here on wall street. live look at the big board with the new york stock exchange. the dow jones up almost 80 points. very nice gains in europe right now and overnight in asia. a lot of this has to do with world finance leaders worked over the weekend. so that is helping things around the world. zoneny says it -- sonny says it will stop selling its players. even though it's been eclipsed by mp3 players. in japan elderly people still
6:53 am
use the walk man. sonny says they will continue. >> i didn't know that. >> i didn't either. here is a new poll out. it shows which way the undecided voters are leading. and the evidence suggesting bees may be smarter than your average computer.
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let's go to tori to find out what is coming up. >> coming up in minutes. the bay bridge project enters a critical new phase this morning. it comes with an important warning for drivers from caltran. there is a shift in a california's governor race. what has caused the most dodge to one candidates chances. find out why the free police escorts for the san francisco 49ers to and from the airport could come to an end. four bay area students have been selected for a very elite program. they will be able to work -- those stories and more coming up on mornings on two. thank you. time now 6:56 a new poll is out. a third of voters are still undecided who to vote for the in the november 2nd elections.
6:57 am
45% of voters say they could change their pick prefer their districts republican candidate for the house while 38% pick the democratic candidate. sanford university researchers are looking for volunteers. they want a look at how the brain chances and are seeking brother sister pairs between the ages of six and 12. thely search involves two trips to sanford for testing and one visit with researchers at their homes. kids will receive money and pictures of their brains as compensation. a new study shows that bees can somehow solve complex mathematical problems. the university of london stud study looked into how bees fly. bees though quickly learned to
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fly the best route. scientists are still trying to figure out how they do it. new rules can make street signs all over the country look similar. they are updating street sign rules to make them easier to read overnight. it will include mixed case letters. also require reflective background. some local officials don't like it because cities often design their street signs to establish a certain atmosphere. the new rules take effect in 201. coming up next at morning on 2 a critical new phase of the bay bridge. there is an important warning for everyone. and the giants they will be working out at at & t park today. they are getting ready for their first world series in eight years. we'll be there with them.
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